Low Season:70¥ Month 1 2 3 6 11 12

Busy season:80¥ Month 4 5 7 8 9 10

Open Time:

7:30~17:30(March 1~November 1)

7:30~17:00(November 16~ February 29)

Scenic area biggest moment capacity of 9031 people,the scenic area,space is the scenic spot tour comfort index:
1,comfortable(level 5):1806
2,more comfortable(level 4):1806-3612
3,general(level 3):3612-5418
4,a crowded(level 2):5418-7225
5,crowded(level 1):more than 7255
Scenic introduction
Plaque couplets
Ancient and modern
  • The Humble Administrator's garden built in Ming Zhengde early (early 16th century), dating back more than 500 years of history, is the representative works of classical gardens south of the Yangtze River.

  • See hill house is surrounded by water on three sides, on both sides of the near the mountain, from the west can enter the bottom through a flat corridor bridge,

  • Lan Xuetang Xingkai, hung LAN Xuetang, South side. A department: "Zhu's book". Note: if the orchid fragrance, like snow white. Also the master of the garden of the character Gao Jie.

  • Wang Xianchen, word KEISHI, Huai, rain. The ancestors of Wu, who belong to guard. Akihiro Ji six years (1493) in the examination, and ordained pedestrians, promoted to censor.

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Azalea Festival
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