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Humble Administrators Garden''s official website l

Recently, in combination with the official website of the official website of Humble Administrator's Garden to upgrade, Humble Administrator's Garden in the official website of the core position of the opening of the Humble Administrator's Garden 3D virtual tour page, highlight the three major functions of scenic spots, such as tourism, interactive entertainment, leisure and entertainment.

720 degree high resolution panoramic virtual tour, shows a beautiful environment of Humble Administrator's Garden tour the main routes of 10 major scenic spots, give the audience an experience personally on the scene, with tourist map navigation, can let the audience free shuttle between the various scenic spots, is the necessary means and methods of Humble Administrator's Garden innovation network promotion.

3D virtual tour set up Humble Administrator's Garden panoramic image plane navigation maps, video advertising, speech and text to explain the attractions, users can also participate in interactive real-time comments, understand the essence of a visit to Humble Administrator's Garden where. The experience of the project can not only enrich the online garden experience of the audience, but also to enhance the publicity of the sense of science and technology garden.