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The Humble Administrator''''s Garden management of

In order to further publicize and introduce the management model of garden culture and scenic spots in the south of the Yangtze River, and to promote the cultivation of local tourism management talents in Tibetan areas, in July 18th, the research and exchange activities were carried out by more than 30 teachers and students in the innovative experimental class of bilingual tourism management of the Han and Tibetan Languages at the Minzu University of China School of management.

The management personnel, the garden management department and the marketing planning department are involved in the discussion. In the symposium, we first broadcast the management propaganda film of the unit, introducing the management experience and innovation work in recent years. Subsequently, the staff from the organizational structure, heritage protection, garden appearance, innovative marketing and other aspects of the exchange, and one by one to answer the questions of the students. After the end of the communication, the students conducted field research and Study on Humble Administrator's Garden under the introduction of the commentator.

According to Peng Jian, director of the school of management of Minzu University of China, the innovation class of Chinese and Tibetan Bilingual tourism management mainly enrolls Tibetan students in five provinces. The tourism resources of Tibetan areas are rich, but the level of tourism management is relatively lagging. Students return to the Tibetan areas after graduation to engage in tourism related work, hoping to protect the advanced heritage of Suzhou gardens. The management and innovation development experience is brought back to the Tibetan area, promoting the culture of Jiangnan gardens while helping the development of Tibetan tourism.