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The Humble Administrators Garden management office

In order to improve the comprehensive service level of "two parks and one hall" (Humble Administrator's Garden, Huan Xiu villa and Garden Museum), in April 2nd, the Humble Administrator's Garden administration department conducted a comprehensive assessment of the instructors who had dispatched the trial training period, focusing on the background knowledge, historical origin, Hall furnishings, rockery stacking techniques and the back of the famous garden. The story, through on-site assessment, the narrator can master the related garden knowledge and explain skills, basically meet the requirements of assessment.

In the future, the Department of service management of the Humble Administrator's Garden management department will continue to send the instructors to the tour of the tour show and the examination. At the same time, we will combine the mobile phone scan of the mobile phone and the volunteer to explain the service, enrich the service content, excavate the cultural connotation, and elaborate the explanation. The mountain villa on the service to do, enhance the service quality of world cultural heritage.