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Humble Administrators Garden actively carries out

In order to further implement the National Tourism Bureau, the central civilization office about the spirit of the document to carry out the activities of civilization tourism theme, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees volunteer service, the afternoon of March 16th, Humble Administrator's Garden is composed of members of the Communist Youth League and Suzhou tourism and finance of higher occupation technical school team members volunteer service teams, civilized tourism promotion activities in the Humble Administrator's Garden ticket square.

"Civilized tourism, from my start, do you want to support the public service of civilization tourism?" Exhilarating and pleasing volunteer propaganda has attracted the attention of the vast number of tourists. Volunteers, through issuing leaflets to tourists, pointed out common uncivilized behaviors for tourists, popularized and advocated civilized travel and fresh air, and invited tourists to actively propagate the concept of civilized tourism in the form of publicity banners and signatures. To sign every visitor, a symbol of support and commitment to the civilization of tourism, keep in mind the "civilization".

Civilization tourism volunteer service as an important part of the work to create a civilized Humble Administrator's Garden management office, improve the Humble Administrator's Garden as a tourist window unit culture, also play a "civilized tourism messenger" propaganda role, at the same time, management actively with the community together, to promote the civilization tourism contribution.