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King and queen of Norway visit Humble Administrato

Recently, Norwegian King Harald V and Queen Song Ya visited the Zhuozheng Garden to feel the charm of Suzhou classical gardens. Autumn gardens, blue sky, clear water, green trees, golden leaves, colorful and picturesque. Walking through the pavilions and castles of the gardens, the kings and queens praised the beautiful scenery, and the arrival of the European royal family brought Chinese gardens to the world again.

Norway, one of the earliest Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with New China, established diplomatic relations with China on October 5, 1954. This is the fourth visit to China by the king and queen. It is understood that the visiting delegation of the king of Norway has reached more than 300 people, the largest in history. "Norway has never sent such a large delegation to China in history," the Norwegian National Broadcasting Corporation wrote in the news.

Before arriving in Suzhou, King and Mrs. Halal had already walked through many important cities such as Dunhuang, Beijing and Shanghai. A series of important foreign affairs activities had already arranged their itineraries very well, but it was quite unusual to put the last stop in Suzhou. The king and queen liked the charm of Jiangnan famous gardens only when they had this trip to Suzhou. It is believed that such a large-scale delegation visit will surely push the relations between China and Norway to a new level.