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Tenth lecture on "Suzhou garden lecture", "Humble

On August 25, Suzhou Garden Museum welcomed the tenth lecture of this year's Zhuozheng Garden Lecture Hall. The lecture was brought by Professor Meng Lin of the Art College of Suzhou University. It was titled "There is a Way, There is no Way: The Inheritance and Development of Soviet Garden Construction Techniques".

This year is the third year that the Suzhou Garden Museum has held the lecture hall of Zhuozheng Garden. It has held more than 30 lectures on gardens. This is not only the continuation and deepening of the work of promoting social education and disseminating garden culture in Suzhou Garden Museum, but also a way for gardeners to learn garden knowledge and appreciate Garden style. Feeling, savour the garden culture, and appreciate the new platform of the artistic conception of the garden. During this period, the Suzhou Garden Museum also invited many senior domestic garden experts to give lectures and give thematic lectures or special lectures in a variety of forms, which were loved by Suzhou garden lovers and received wide attention from all walks of life.

In the next few days, the Suzhou Garden Museum will do a good job in the follow-up work, especially after the lecture collection and collation of information, will be landscape experts on-site lectures collected into a book, so that failed to come to the scene garden lovers can also benefit from it.