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Plant layout so play to have culture

Plant is an important element in garden

Generally believed that the timing of the layout through the plant

Realize the function of its ornamental function and structure

In fact, it is easy to overlook the point is

The plant is also a cultural symbol in the composition of the scenic spots.

Transfer the owner of the garden contains thoughts and desires

The information contained in plants

Is the most valuable content in classical gardens.

Because it reflects the real intention of garden construction

Today, little bad to take everyone to see

Cultural connotation of the layout of Humble Administrator's Garden scenic spots

Wu bamboo

"Wu bamboo" built in the central of the Humble Administrator's garden surrounded by open kiosk, Natori Tang Yangshi Schrodinger "Yongning garden that matter," the verse meaning: "Wu Zhu month depression, autumn reflected Garden Cottage" the meaning of the sentence. Indus is seen as a holy tree, "Zhuangzi autumn": "Fu Wan young bird hair in the South China Sea and fly in the North Sea, more than non Chinese parasol tree, non practicing real food, non Liquan not to drink." The Chinese parasol Phoenix as folk roosting tree, a parasol tree park, can bring good luck. Bamboo symbolizes exemplary conduct and nobility of character. Further, bamboo outside, Chinese parasol tree hollow knot, Yin, ancient deicing, older men leaning on turn with bamboo, older women, leaning on turn with sycamore, so Chinese parasol tree and bamboo together and Yin and Yang and the righteousness.

Wu bamboo around irregular flagstone, suggesting mountains, hermits recluse. Attractions to Wu bamboo scenery, as the master ".


Wu bamboo symbolizes noble Gao Jie, and the meaning of harmony of yin and Yang

Loquat orchard

"Loquat garden" is a large courtyard Humble Administrator's Garden Loquat as Wuzhong real estate, every May, mature fruit is yellow, juicy and tender, sweet fragrance. Golden yellow fruit laden trees and give people affluent Association, Song Dai Fugu summer tour Zhang Yuan "poem:" East Park West Park contains alcohol drunk #, pick a loquat tree gold "make and Wen Zhengming in the Humble Administrator's garden Yong wrote:" leaning Ting Jia Shu Yu leave, hot gold sub full branch. " Due to good posture of loquat, Wu painter preferences, often painting theme. Humble Administrator's Garden on a closed garden, planted dozens of loquat tree planted in groups, highlighting the characteristics of loquat, symbol of the rich. Each fruit contains one to several core, but also a symbol of the. There is "a day in Switzerland" auspicious pattern, picture is a spider hanging nest, and loquat, garlic, cherry and calamus. Loquat is also known as "days of red knot golden fruit". People believe that the spider, mega joy "Guang Ji", the five line: "spider set in the army and the family, happy event."

Loquat Park South to arrange a pavilion, surrounded by the extension of loquat trees and orange trees, the season is "aromatic leaves are vast, Castrol complex from the", and oranges in together named "Castrol booth". Castrol booth and loquat orchard of loquat tree two-phase echo, strengthen the loquat auspicious symbolic meaning, a warm atmosphere of rich garden caged.


Loquat tree in the garden is a symbol of abundance

Frost Pavilion

"To be the cream Pavilion" is located in the central of the Humble Administrator's garden, the amount of Wei Yingwu Tang Poems "book want to question three hundred star, Dongting must stay full cream Lin" the meaning of the sentence. Pavilion around a variety of Wuxian Dongting mountain orange tree, this orange tree fruit is small and thin skin, frost began turning red, to "to be the cream" booths, borrow features orange Ling Han faithful meaning, not afraid of setbacks the backbone. Qing Tonghe and wrote the book antithetical couplet cloud pavilion:

Red purple Gejin lupine Jing, Li Lu Xiang Village of cucumber.

After the reform movement of 1898, Weng Tonghe and lack of return of the native, had a "Gejin lupine" civilian life, he moved away from officialdom has no attachment or lost sad emotional expressiveness, contrary to enjoy the quiet and savor "Purple Li cucumber" pastoral life wonderful. Couplet is very fit "to be the cream" meaning, reconciled, indifferent to the quiet and not afraid of frost Cuizhe attitude with literati character, can rest on its laurels "tranquility" and "the cream more red" is a true gentleman. "Orange Pavilion" layout of citrus, with orange nature portrayal of the literati spirit.


Frost Pavilion

Far fragrant Church

The Humble Administrator's garden there are a number of attractions lotus named "Lotus Pavilion", "far Xiang Tong", "Lotus breezes Pavilion" and "stay and listen Pavilion" because.

Lotus contains multiple auspicious, after the introduction of Buddhism to China, the lotus symbolizes auspicious, folk use lotus homophonic and picture symbol of auspicious content almost all encompassing.

"Far Xiang Tong" is located in the middle of the main area, building on the lotus pond, so named. With lotus theme, from Lotus character to symbolize the master's character. "Far Xiang Tong" frontal Natori Song Dynasty Zhou Dunyi of "reminiscence" "far Xiang Yi Qing" the meaning of the sentence, "reminiscence" wrote: "the flower of grass land and water, the very lovely fan, giving only refined the silt but don't dye, Qinglian Zhuo and not demon, pass outside straight, succinct, incense Yuan Yi Qing, Ting Ting net replanting, far view and cannot be disrespectful plays Yan......"

The works of ancient singing lotus abound, only the "reminiscence" artistic conception is the most lofty, lotus in the polluted environment keep noble sentiments from Lotus abstinence gentleman since than, is we quoted inspirational. Far Xiang Tong for the Humble Administrator's garden, the main hall, guest entry to see far Xiang Tong, in the face of a lotus pond, will be able to experience to the park main heavy pen nongmo outstanding lotus theme take advertised Gao meaning.


The lotus has a deep meaning.

Real Pavilion

Zhuo Zheng garden central planting pine tree, next to a "really Pavilion, pavilion Natori" Xunzi "in the famous line:" peaches and plums Qian charm at the moment, until then kill, as pine and cypress, through the winter and does not wither, covered with frost and snow and constant, can be described as the Yi. " The pavilion wall antithetical couplet written by Kang Youwei:

The cypress nature stone; see Meng heart.

This attraction to pine as the theme, through the pine and cypress characteristics, symbol of master's resolute character is self, is advertised.

To really Ting Bian side and built a chamber, "Southern Dynasties, Tao Hongjing biography" Youdao: "special love song Li wind, the courtyard all uematsu, every heard the ring, is pleased to music", named "song of the wind." The amount of indoor Title: "a court with Xiao Song Feng", echoing really ting.


Really Tingbian pine, a symbol of faithful character

Line Gallery

Humble Administrator's Garden "Magnolia hall" is the Ming Dynasty architecture, is an enclosed courtyard, was the name "Wen Zhiming painting, pen flower hall". The main hospital and magnolia tree two, later renamed Magnolia hall". Yulan magnolia, also known as wangchunhua. The color of white Weibi incense, such as blue. Early spring flowering, petal posture elegant, Zhuo and not group. The flowers a tree plain, Tingtingyuli in spring chill chilly, sanctity and elegant image swept away winter solemn chill scene, was the legend as a sacred tree. A symbol of wealth. Also metaphor appearance beautiful, talented people. Wen Zhengming is one of Suzhou in Ming Dynasty four wit, Junjie, abstinence, "pen flower hall" before implantation Yulan is painter character portrayal.


Magnolia hall before the magnolia tree, tall,stately and handsome beautiful metaphor of talent, but also a symbol of Gao Jie

Stay to listen to the court

"Stay and listen Pavilion is located in the west of Zhuozheng garden. For the single storey building, small volume, surrounded by glass window, pane exquisite designs, interior can be surrounded by scenery. Pavilion South built platform for tours lotus. Taiwan is a stone platform cubits long, quaint. "Stay and listen Pavilion" from Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin poem "autumn overcast not scattered Xiafei late, left Holland to listen to the rain", most of them explain where appropriate autumn rain the rain hit withered lotus sound, is help viewing arrangement to the sound. However, classical garden layout is not single ideographic, should be understood as the master lotus faithful spirit image. Is lotus water visible part of the lotus leaf, lotus is the life body, shape just surface phenomenon, immortality of the body. In the coming year inevitable shoots leaves renewed. This is bearing natural features. The Lord of the vineyard reclusion is shaped, and the inner world of the human body and the end of such as withered lotus leaves, just like concealed in the lotus root deep in the mud, waiting for next year blossom in leaf expansion. We should admit that the vast majority of scholars have the charge of this kind of quality, do not lightly give up, put themselves in the hope of forever.

"Stay and listen Pavilion" by Lotus symbol of constancy, also from the building be echoed and cabinet with ginkgo wood Shochiku sea Ge fan hanging and fly cover, pattern Songjukmae thriving bird Viiv. These are great), faithful and life, the spirit of unbeaten portrayal.


"Liuting Pavilion" ginkgo wood fly cover in tits and plum blossom symbolizes vitality and spirit of unbeaten wave


"Tingyuxuan" as the Humble Administrator's Garden secondary parts building, because of its concealment, only a quiet little world. "Tingyuxuan" scenery "to take the Li Zhong Qu": "to kill the Aspen poetic autumn bamboo, Liu monk involution chess. To poetry leaves, Zhu Ming Ji cold pool." In front of, courtyard decorated a small pool, pool Panzhi banana several strains of, and bamboo rod, large green in brick paving against the background, colorful, main colors for the courtyard. Banana Leaf Beads, money, pan, clouds, Fangsheng, rhinoceros horn cup, calligraphy and painting, red leaf, argyi leaf, Ding, Ganoderma lucidum, gold ingots fourteen auspicious items, known as Za Bao. The wind leaves and shore stone rugged formed different soft and hard tone contrast, movement affordable, good structure called the courtyard.

Indoor, bamboo curtains window mask, a mid table; along the wall shelf has a few things like porcelain; tired Diego poetry bookshelf. Layout wealthy elegant, integrated with the outdoor courtyard decorated accommodation, filled with cultural atmosphere.


"Tingyuxuan" in the courtyard of the banana for literary elegance