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Green-Embracing Pavilion
  1. Green-Embracing Pavilion

  • Attraction Name: Green-Embracing Pavilion

  • Location: East Garden

  • Construction Category: Pavilion

There are various pavilions in landscape architecture. Pavilion is a kind of light and exquisite cottage with a roof but no walls, generally composed by such three parts as roof, pillar and stylobate. In the pavilion, one can not only see sights, but also can take a rest or take shelter from the sun and rain. Green-Embracing Pavilion is located in a corner, with relatively narrow space. The whole pavilion is like a flying Phoenix, adding dynamic flying potential to the original flat and monotonous walls. Reclining on the bench in the pavilion, you may enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, and watch fish swimming and lotus floating in the water.