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Japanese bonsai friends visit Humble Administrator

Recently, Mr. Yoshihiko Kimura, a Japanese bonsai master, accompanied by Mr. Zhang Xiaobao, chairman of Jiangsu Bonsai Association, visited Zhuozheng Garden and had a technical exchange with its bonsai master. Mr. Kimura Masahiko is the leading bonsai master in Japan and has deep feelings for bonsai. When I came to bonsai garden, Mr. Kimura Masahiko couldn't help chatting with bonsai masters in Humble Administrator's Garden. At the invitation of everyone, Mr. Kimura demonstrates the pruning techniques of the five needle pine bonsai with great enthusiasm, and shares his experience on the cultivation and creation of the bonsai for decades. Finally, the guests and the guests took a group photo to commemorate the bonsai technical exchange.