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The opening of the self-help ticket room in Humble

In recent years, the tourist volume at home and abroad in Humble Administrator's Garden scenic area has been growing high, and the demand for tourist service is becoming higher and higher. To effectively improve the tourist satisfaction and the comfort of garden tourism, the Humble Administrator's Garden management office is officially supported by the municipal garden Bureau and Suzhou Suyuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., which has been opening Humble Administrator's Garden self help box office at the beginning of the new year. In January 9th, Zhu Bingfei, general manager of Suzhou Suyuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Sun Junfei, general manager of the Bureau of the Bureau, checked the overall operation of the self-service ticketing system, and guided the related problems.

The self-service ticketing room is located in the street area of Suzhou Garden Museum, with 8 self-service ticketing machines. The interior decoration and environmental layout are concise and practical, and the logo is clear and clear. In addition to selling the Humble Administrator's Garden tickets, ticket ticket vending machines also provide garden system with the remaining 14 scenic spots, tourists only their identity and scanning through WeChat or Alipay will be able to complete the purchase, greatly saves the time and buy a ticket window queuing in each garden scenic spot rush, greatly improving the convenience of booking. In addition, the scenic spot in April 2017 to enable the East ticket office 4 ticket machines, the overall operation effect and the response of tourists are better.

Next, the Humble Administrator's Garden Management Office will seriously study the trend and characteristics of the ticketing in the new era, collect relevant information, innovate service measures, provide high quality services for tourists, and continuously improve tourist experience.