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Whom-to-Sit-With Pavilion
  1. Whom-to-Sit-With Pavilion

  • Attraction Name: Whom-to-Sit-With Pavilion

  • Location: Western Garden

  • Construction Category: Museum

 It is chicly laid out in the shape of a folding fan. There is an ancient poem by Su Dongpo, “With whom shall I sit? The bright moon, gentle breeze and myself”, hence the name Whom-to-Sit-With Pavilion. The pavilion was built by the waterside in the shape of a folding fan. The roof, door, windows, stone table, stone bench, top, lampshades, wall plaque and semi-column are all fan-shaped as well, so it is also referred to as “Fan Pavilion“. Whether leaning on the door, or standing by the corridor or looking near the window to have a rest, you can always find beautiful scenery all around.