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The Humble Administrators Garden management office

With the advent of the rainy season, rainstorm and high humidity are likely to cause plant diseases and insect pests. In June 8th, the Suzhou classical garden heritage supervision center invited Professor Cai Ping, an expert on plant protection of the Soochow University, to carry out the training of garden plant disease and pest control skills in the Humble Administrator's Garden management department at the Humble Administrator's Garden management department. . From theory to practice and with a large number of picture examples, Professor Cai Ping made a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the common diseases and pests, such as aphids, beetles, whitefs, rust, wood rot, brown spot disease, bamboo decline disease, and other common diseases and pests in Suzhou, especially in the garden system, especially in the garden system in recent years. Shaoxing and interpretation, and experience in the field of prevention and treatment of pests and diseases.

In recent years, the Humble Administrator's Garden management department insists on the policy of "taking prevention mainly and combining prevention and control". Through seasonal and phased observation, it closely monitors the occurrence and development of diseases and pests, and completes the work of forecasting diseases and pests. According to the pertinence of insect pests, strict requirements and control are carried out on the ratio concentration and spraying time. The base number of the disease and insect source. In accordance with the annual green maintenance plan, strengthening the fine management, organizing the green maintenance team to take physical control, biological control and other prevention and control methods, so as to do early and early eradication, to ensure the effective prevention and control at the best period, complete the plant disease and pest control work, to improve the landscape plant landscape display effect.

This training has strengthened the actual observation, identification, capture and prevention of green maintenance personnel in the system, laying a good foundation for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in the whole year, and providing great technical help and support for the successful development of the special work on disease and pest prevention and control in the future.