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Territorial police station directing Humble Admini

In order to effectively strengthen the safety management of garden and effectively avoid the attacks by illegal elements, the Humble Administrator's Garden administration has recently invited the local police station and the experts of the anti terrorist team to visit Humble Administrator's Garden to guide the anti terrorist work. The Department of safety management of the management department has formulated a series of anti-terrorism and explosion prevention plans for the hidden dangers and weak links in the management, and perfected the anti-terrorism safety precautions, and organized personnel to carry out anti terrorist and anti riot drill at the entrance of the management office. At 10 a.m., two "gangsters" who carried the lethal weapon wanted to be forced into the garden. Security guards found and informed the security department in the first time. The emergency plan for counter-terrorism started immediately. The first time in the riot group was to be uniform. After the rehearsal, the Anti Terror experts commented on the riot drill. It said that once the emergency happened, the police should warn and evacuate the tourists in time. When the police arrived, the tourists and their own safety should be protected. After the police arrived, the police should do a good job. The anti-terrorism riot drill not only improves the ability of the players to protect themselves and cope with the emergencies, but also sets up the consciousness of "starting from the heart and preventing the beginning of the line".