Special EventsAzalea Festival
ZHUOZHENGYUAN - Azalea Festival
/ 杜鹃花节 / 荷花节 / 反季菊花节 /
Azalea Festival
  1. Azalea Festival

  2. Azalea Festival

  3. Azalea Festival

  4. Azalea Festival

  5. Azalea Festival

  6. Azalea Festival

  7. Azalea Festival

  8. Azalea Festival

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  12. Azalea Festival

  • 名称: Azalea Festival

“Azalea Festival” of Humble Administrator’s Garden


The Humble Administrator’s Garden holds a grand “Azalea Festival” every spring. “Azalea Festival” is not only a traditional characteristic project of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, but also one of the key projects included in “Suzhou Tourism Festival” by Suzhou Municipal Government. There are hundreds of rare azaleas on display during the azalea show. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is full of the joy of spring, colorful and enchanting everywhere. The “Azalea Festival” not only allows visitors to enjoy the garden’s charm in spring, but also makes them experience the poetic and pictorial splendor of the Humble Administrator’s Garden surrounded by blooming flowers.

1、 Activity Name:

“Azalea Festival” of Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden

2、 Activity Time:

From mid-March to early May every year

3. Activity Place:

In the Humble Administrator’s Garden