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19, "private Humble Administrator's Garden opera" official welcoming, Li Zhaisi into two antique building hall, more than 40 guests revel in the song "Peony Pavilion". Vivid scenes reproduce the old classical gardens, a song of mourning, to bring tourists a unique cultural experience.

As a "ticket + Soviet cultural life" series of a new attempt, the welcoming "Kunqu Opera one" is the "private" Humble Administrator's Garden project upgrade edition, in order to effectively make contained in the gardens of the cultural connotation of "alive", so that visitors can directly participate, get a better tour experience.

In 20s, Zhang Lvqian called "the first person" Wuzhong old grandson of Zhang Zidong and a number of composers co founded "Kunqu Opera School", when recruiting students, and later became a generation "Zibei" master. And "Zibei" and is the first performance of the site in Zhuozheng garden 36 Yuanyang Pavilion in the park. It can be said that a "garden is the cradle of Kunqu Opera". The Humble Administrator's Garden launched the "private Humble Administrator's Garden opera" project, to fully tap the connotation of the value of classical gardens is to, and give it more new carrier, and continuously explore new paths, transforming it into the economic and social benefits.

As a Humble Administrator's Garden ticket + project a first practice, the theme of the activities planned for the morning and afternoon each day, the whole activity will continue until the end of this year. During the event, visitors can travel through online travel platform or offline ticketing channels. The future, the Humble Administrator's Garden Management Office will also launch tickets + tickets +VR, presentation of Penjing (virtual reality) museum display landscape humanities features interactive garden project.