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The effectiveness of the booking system of real na

In order to implement the requirement of the municipal government on strengthening the comprehensive renovation of Northeast Street, enhance the experience and preventive protection level of Suzhou gardens, Zhuozheng Garden and Lion Forest Scenic Spots have been launched urgently. Since September 1, online booking of real-name tickets has been implemented. From the operation of the past month, the real-name ticketing target has been initially realized. The online booking of tourists has reached more than 90%, which greatly improves the intelligent management level of gardens, promotes the safety management of scenic spots, shortens the process of tourists'ticket purchase and checking, compresses the living space of cattle wild guide, clarifies the situation of tourists, and helps to follow up. Tourism products are built. At the same time, due to the outstanding results of the work, the work has been fully recognized by the provincial, municipal and tourism industry authorities, the provincial and foreign brothers have come to exchange, CCTV also came to the depth of reporting, forming a better demonstration effect.