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Joint fire evacuation drills carried out in Humble

Recently, as do the area of fire safety work, Humble Administrator's Garden Management Office joint Suan fire squadron on Humble Administrator's Garden Hong kaoliang Museum of regional environment complex, crowded situation to carry out the fire evacuation drill.

The main contents of the fire drill include evacuation and fire fighting and rescue. According to the actual situation, the fire department and the scenic spot managers have worked out a fire rescue drill scheme for the scenic spot, and discussed and determined the route of evacuating the tourists. Ten minutes before exercise, the security team to pull the cordon, remind the tourists fragrant sorghum, prevent visitors panic, ensure garden order. The drill began when the security team discovered the fire in the south of Hong kaoliang Museum, a fire alarm at the same time, through the intercom system to the management of emergency command report, after receiving the alarm quickly ordered the organization of the emergency team rushed to the rescue scene, the fire emergency personnel within the stipulated time rushed to the south of Hong kaoliang Museum collection. The sudden detachment immediately carry out fire hand lift pump, double pipe fighting water and evacuation of stranded tourists etc.. In the process of drilling, each group has a clear division of labor and its own duties, the whole exercise process is tense and orderly, with the shortest time to complete the simulation of fire evacuation and escape, simulation of fire, fire fighting and other processes.

After the end of the drill, Su an squadron of fire equipment in the park were checked to ensure that all facilities and equipment in good condition, and how to correctly use the fire equipment for guidance.