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Construction and opening up of Humble Administrato

Under the care and guidance of the leadership of the relevant departments of the garden and Greening Administration, the construction of the parking lot of the Humble Administrator's Garden tourism service center was completed successfully, and it was officially opened and used for the vast number of tourists in April 29th. The parking lot is located in the north of flat home lane of Humble Administrator's Garden and west of 100 alley, with a total area of 4045.28 square meters, with a total area of nearly 5000 square meters, a total investment of nearly 5000 square meters, a total investment of nearly 60 million yuan, 208 underground machinery parking spaces and 13 ground parking spaces, which is the first to use intelligent parking technology in the national tourist attractions. It is the garden of Suzhou and the greening pipe. One of the most important civilian service projects. The planning and use of the parking lot will further improve the public transport service function around Humble Administrator's Garden and effectively solve the problem of parking difficulty for tourists.

Before the open use of the center, the management department has done a lot of preparatory work, actively implementing the project's previous work of cultural relics, planning, environmental assessment and evaluation, and commissioned a qualified unit to complete the project feasibility study report, to overcome a series of difficulties and to optimize and improve the intelligent technology in the parking lot. Timely communication with the price bureau of the Suzhou District, the traffic police department of the Public Security Bureau, and the Urban Management Bureau made the acceptance work well. After two days' operation test on April 27th and 28, the elite of the industry was transferred to the intelligent parking lot by the technician system of the parking lot. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the trial operation of the parking lot during the May Day, the fire protection and security should be standardized. At present, the management order of the parking lot is in good order and the majority of tourists are in agreement. Good praise.

The center is integrated with tourist collection, comprehensive service and intelligent parking. It has the service content such as tourism consultation, self-help ticket selling, tour guide explanation and article creation. It has a positive role in promoting the development of the Humble Administrator's Garden historical district tourism integration.