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The Boat-Structure
  1. The Boat-Structure

  • Attraction Name: The Boat-like Structure

  • Location: Central Garden

  • Construction Category: Floor

It looks like a boat with a two-story cabin. The whole body is elegant and graceful. Its posture reflected in the water makes it even more elaborate and tasteful. Boat-like Structure was the sustenance of literati’s ideals and sentiments. In the ancient times, refined scholars were often compared to vanilla. Here lotus landscape means vanilla. Among a large number of marble boats in Chinese classical gardens, Boat-like Structure in the Humble Administrator’s Garden is probably the one with the most beautiful shape. The bow is terrace, forecabin pavilion, middle deck chamber and stern court. Upon the court is the building with gentle ups and downs in proper proportions. Boat-like Structure is located waterside, at the junction of the east-west flow and the north-south river, surrounded by water on three sides and shore on one side. One may go on board through the springboard composed by three stone bars. Standing on the bow, surrounded by light and brightness, one may feel very refreshed in this garden full of the beauty. In hot summertime, this place is cool and refreshing with bursts of lotus breeze. There hangs a tablet written by Wen Zhengming on the bow of Boat-like Structure. And later generations specifically made the preface and postscript for it.