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Humble Administrators Garden successfully complete

During the just end of the May Day holiday, Humble Administrator's Garden's holiday tourism continued to maintain a good momentum, and the number of visitors was more stable than the same period last year, and the characteristics of cultural tourism were fully displayed. At the same time, through improving the function of tourism public service and starting the Humble Administrator's Garden tourism service center, the service level of tourists has been promoted, and the order of garden sightseeing is always stable and orderly.

Looking back at the general situation of the "three day holiday" of Humble Administrator's Garden, there are several major characteristics: first, festival celebrations are continuously popular. During the festival, the weather is good, the flower exhibition of the garden culture has become the focus of the tourists to take pictures and take the scene, and the combination of the halls in the hall is praised by the tourists. Two, the level of service has been promoted. 2 self-service ticketing points were set up, which moved forward during the festival and added 3 ticket check-in passages, which is more convenient for tourists to queue up and dredge, and improve the convenience of self-help tickets. Through the promotion of the brand effect of the whole tourist attractions, the festival is officially launched in the center of a hundred lanes parking lot, with the China Mobile Suzhou branch, to push the civilized tourism prompting message to the mobile users entering the monitoring zone of the Humble Administrator's Garden protection unit, and promote the policy of the ticket and improve the service quality. . Three, the order of sightseeing has been strongly maintained. In order to create a peaceful and peaceful holiday atmosphere, the management department carried out a comprehensive inspection before the festival in accordance with the guiding spirit of the city leaders. During the peak hours, the main preview area in the park is managed by one-way tour. Add 20 security personnel to strengthen one-way traffic node control, set up one-way tours, travel safety warning signs 30 signs. The flow of tourists is quicker and smoother, and the order of civilized tourism has been well maintained.