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The opening of the twenty-second Humble Administra

Humble Administrator's Garden twenty-second azalea Festival officially opened the flower show from April 2nd until May 8th. Under the guidance of ecological civilization and cultural construction, the Rhododendron festival takes the Rhododendron as the medium and the garden culture. Through the showcase of scenic spots, the Rhododendron bonsai and the exhibition of horticultural plants, the beautiful spring color of the Humble Administrator's Garden reflects the elegance and unique charm of the classical garden. During the Rhododendron Festival, the Humble Administrator's Garden management department will also carry out the cultural activities such as the garden, the third zero carbon marriage code and the media experience of the international travellers, which will further activate the atmosphere of the flower festival, vigorously carry forward the excellent traditional culture and the spirit of the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature.