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On October 27, the 8th China-Japan-South Korea Tourism Ministerial Conference was held in our city. Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism, Tau Shugang, Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Du Zhonghuan, and Japanese Minister of Land and Transport, Ishii Qiyi, jointly attended the meeting. After the meeting, the ministers of tourism of the three countries visited the Humble Administration Park accompanied by Li Yaping, mayor of Suzhou and Chen Dalin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Landscape Bureau.

The Ministers of Tourism of the Three Kingdoms have great enthusiasm for landscape architecture and historical allusions. They listen to the explanations all the way and experience the garden culture in depth. During the period of Li Zhaiyaxie, the ministers of the three countries appreciated the painting skills of Su Fan. Under the demonstration and explanation on the spot, the intangible cultural heritage of fan making skills and the world cultural heritage of Zhuozheng Garden complemented each other in the same cultural background. The three ministers praised the garden culture as all-embracing and tolerant.

The successful completion of the reception task, mainly through the joint efforts of the broad staff of Humble Administration Park, to do a solid job in three aspects: first, to seize the time to repair the landscape of flowers and trees, enhance the landscape, enhance the landscape art atmosphere; second, to strengthen the security forces in the park, maintain the order of the scenic spots, and ensure the security of the ministers and accompanying personnel of the three countries in the park. The third is to supplement lighting facilities to set off the garden with light background, that is, to set off the atmosphere of the garden in the evening, while ensuring the safety of the tour. The successful completion of the reception task once again tested the service reception level of Humble Administrator's Park. At the same time, it strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force of the unit, enhanced the confidence of the staff and laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of large-scale service reception work in the future.