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Suzhou good DiaoJi "hope jiangnan"

Suzhou, a good political landscape. All three face water by the wind, red and covered pool emerald green heart. Qie summer you find. The garden central, booth yue "lotus wind all around", commanding, reward for Hollywood in wins.

Suzhou, a good political landscape. 36 mandarin duck in pairs to, bath wave paddle tie the knot. The storage pool hall fowl. 36 yuanyang libraries face wider pool, pool storage for more than 10 mandarin duck, pat float for pleasure.

Suzhou, a good political landscape. The full court flower pot waving, xiaoxiang pavilion a bamboo forest. There are clear Yin. Leave to cabinet area, spread the flowers and trees bonsai countless, rich and colorful. "Xiaoxiang corner" as the kind of bamboo place.

Suzhou, a good political landscape. Porch yu and exquisite such as exhibition fan, and who sit with companion. In the hengqin. In the west XiaoXuan be sectoral form, don't and one case, list yue "and who sit with porch".

Suzhou, a good political landscape. A new star on filipacchi place for, things combined with more deep. Looking across the world mind. The extension to the east of more than twenty acres, an Pi work of material, decorate new; From now on with the central and west with each other, more see deep broad .

Suzhou, a good political landscape. People can not forget the vertical load, loyal wang wei moving deep performance, sing praises to now. The taiping heavenly kingdom loyal king li xiu-chen, once in the open government .

(ZhouShouJuan "came flowers set" )