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Rare birds in the garden attract photographers

Winter in the garden, ginkgo, Hongfeng pan Huang Bianhong, beautiful scenery not only attracted a large number of tourists, it is ushered in a number of long crested, red tail "casual visitor", photography team came to visit Humble Administrator's Garden, they have changqiangduanbao record.

This group of "strange bird" stop in the west of the East Garden LAN Xuetang ginkgo tree on the edge, there are only about twenty or thirty of their body, a grape gray brown, slender head crest, a black cross eye from the mouth through the eyes to the pillow, in the branches majestic-looking. It is known that these graceful birds are called small Taiping birds, which are rare winter migratory birds, and they also appeared in Nanjing and Wuxi this year. The birds have been found in Suzhou before, but only one or two times a year. The small Taiping bird likes to eat the fruit of Ligustrum lucidum, and the natural environment in Humble Administrator's Garden is good, so the food is more.

In recent years, the Humble Administrator's Garden management office strengthens the garden protection, and pays more attention to the management mode which is equal to the economic benefit and the ecological civilization benefit. Through comprehensive utilization of science and technology and artistic means, through the implementation of water purification treatment, protection of ancient and famous trees and other measures, we have created a park environment with sound function, friendly ecology, beautiful landscape and sustainable development to meet all kinds of needs.