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Humble Administrators Garden to carry out gardenin

In order to further improve the professional level of the technical and related personnel of the unit horticulture workers and communicate with each other, the garden management department of the Humble Administrator's Garden management department holds the internal horticultural skills competition in the unit. The contestants are composed of bonsai workers and flower workers, and two projects are divided into gardening bonsai and flower arrangement.

In the competition, the horticultural workers take out their own skills. The flower arranging players use the lily, carnation, gladiolus, and chrysanthemum flower materials to match the refreshing scenery, the color is not messy, the main and secondary is distinct, let the person feel the author's understanding of nature and the understanding of the flower arrangement. During the specified time, the bonsai players completed the modeling and finishing of bonsai bonsai according to the original growth foundation of Pohan and the technique of panning and thin scissors. The cluttered tree embryos were transformed into a potted potted landscape with different styles in the hands of the contestants.

This post is designed to carry forward the spirit of improving the craftsmen, encourage the gardeners to study technology and become talented, and strive to bring up a contingent of employees with wisdom, technology and innovation, and provide a strong support for future development and development of units.