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According to the work requirements of the municipal power supply department, the power supply construction unit carried out a high voltage preventive test on Zhuozheng Park on October 23. The whole park was blacked out from 16:30 p.m. Therefore, the service department of the management office seized the opportunity to start the emergency plan in time to ensure the operation safety of the system and the smooth purchase of tickets by tourists, and checked the whole network in real time. About the actual effect of the system emergency power supply. In the whole process of power failure overhaul, the power supply of ticket gate and ticket selling equipment in the comprehensive service hall is switched to UPS power supply automatically and smoothly, and the ticket selling and checking system is running normally. At the same time, according to the plan division of labor, the management personnel, team leaders, team members of various departments will be implemented to people, in advance prepared paper tickets, arrangements for ticket sales personnel, in preparation for the first time to carry out emergency disposal work, service providers in advance technical personnel stationed in place, do a good job in emergency handling technical support. After the closure of the park, the service teams do a good job in the end of the corresponding work, and finally, the emergency response has been successful. Next, the management office will seriously sum up experience, improve the high-voltage preventive testing during the emergency response plan and details of the operation, to provide tourists with stable and reliable ticketing services.