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CCTV "everybody" interview with Academician Meng Z

The famous landscape experts, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Meng Mr. recently by CCTV science and education channel "everyone" column group invited to Humble Administrator's Garden Villa Huanxiu recorded interview program. Cao Guangshu, deputy director of the Suzhou municipal gardens and Greening Management Bureau, accompanied by Meng Lao recording program.

Mr. Meng Zhaozhen, 84 years old, is the only academician in the field of landscape planning and design in China. Meng old is fond of Suzhou garden culture, recorded at the scene of the garden, he gleefully to everybody teaching garden culture knowledge, analysis of the classic case of landscape gardening. At the same time, Meng old also landscape protection and development and gardening talent training etc. problems and related personnel to make communication. Conversation, we deeply feel the generation of landscape architecture, Mr. Meng Zhaozhen's academic style and his deep love for the motherland garden.