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Supporting service

The humble administrator's garden scenic spot supporting service project profile

    The humble administrator's garden in line with offers visitors the humanized service principle, the complete set in the scenic spot, service facilities, wholeheartedly for into the scenic spot every one of the Chinese and foreign tourists to provide fast, convenient and content services. In the scenic spot with the visitor center at the entrance to the east. The visitor center tour guide group regularly provide free Chinese interpretation service, at the same time provide on-call personalized interpretation service charge 。

    The visitor center equipped with propaganda video, round-the-clock play the humble administrator's garden scenery program; Equipped with electronic touch navigation machine, and provides visitors free reading; Also offers scenic spot propaganda map, suzhou tourist map, cell phone battery charging station, bassinet and wheelchair rental and other convenient service project. In the scenic spot at the entrance of the small wood pavilion has charge of self-help in GPS navigation device. In the scenic spot with DiShiPai friendship, scenery, pointing to the CARDS 。

    Shu incense in the museum of the humble administrator's garden postal service center to sell garden scenery, suzhou tourists cultural commemorative stamps, postcards, etc and memorial garden travel books and stamp souvenir. For tourists and free of the postmark, instant delivery mail service 。