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Recently, the China Rhododendron Boutique Invitational Exhibition and the first Changzhou City Rhododendron Flower Show opened in Changzhou Phoenix Park. This time, there are a number of domestic cities participating in the show, which brings together more than 60,000 strains of cuckoo-like products and is unprecedented in scale. The Humble Administrator's Garden Management Office participated in the exhibition on behalf of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Greenery. The exhibited works are a group of azaleas and flowers that are 15 meters long and 8 meters wide. They are clever in the use of the garden's pink wall tiles and architectural decorative elements. They are used with azaleas. The group scene creates an elegant and elegant artistic effect, fully demonstrates the superb Du Fu flower cultivation techniques of the management department, and combines the elegant Suzhou classical garden art style. It won the unanimous appreciation of the judges and the audience and won the “indoor attractions”. The layout of the Grand Prize won the honor for the Suzhou Gardens and Greenery Administration.