In the peak season, the ticket price of Humble Administrator's garden decreased from 90 / person time to 80 yuan / person time, while in the off season, the ticket price remained unchanged at 70 yuan / person time
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The Pavilion in the Lotus
  1. The Pavilion in the Lotus

  • Attraction Name: The Pavilion in the Lotus Breezes

  • Location: Central Garden

  • Construction Category: Pavilion

The pavilion name is derived from lotus. It is located in the pool island in the central part of the garden. The pavilion has water on four sides, with graceful lotus flowers and tender willows. The pavilion is hexagonal with single eave and transparent on four sides. On two of the pavilion’s columns hang an old couplet, “Lotus on four sides and willows on three; Half a pool of autumn water reflects a hill.” The pavilion has lightsome willows in spring, beautiful lotus in summer, crystal-clear water in autumn and peaceful hills in winter, making it not only suitable for avoiding summer heat, but also an ideal place for all seasons. If overlooking the Pavilion in the Lotus Breezes, one can see the pavilion on water, overhanging flying eaves, straight red columns and jade-white base, just like a full pool of lotus embracing a shining pearl.