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The real name ticketing system is officially launc

In order to implement the municipal government's plan to enhance Suzhou Garden Tourism experience, provide more convenient and fast ticket buying experience for tourists and further enhance the preventive protection level of Suzhou gardens, the online booking system of Suzhou Zhuozheng Garden and Lion Forest was officially launched on August 31, marking Zhuozheng Garden and Lion Forest from September 1. The world-famous Heritage Garden will officially enter the era of "whole network ticketing". At the same time, the half century old ticketing window will be closed.

For many years, the classical gardens in Suzhou, represented by Humble Administrator's Garden, have attracted tourists from all over the world. With the vigorous development of tourism at home and abroad, the tourist flow of Zhuozheng Garden Lion Forest and other garden scenic spots is also increasing at a high speed. Although the scenic spots have taken a series of measures such as increasing ticket window, opening self-service ticket sales, promoting online ticket purchasing, it is still difficult to meet the demand for convenient ticket purchasing.

After nearly a phase of stress testing, the two scenic spots of online ticketing has been smoothly transformed, especially after the entire network real-name ticketing system online, will solve the problem of the past can not buy half-price tickets from the Internet. This increases the operational requirements of ticket-checking staff, so the scenic spot uses new information technology to set up real-time ticket-checking synchronous video records in each ticket-checking channel, Zhuozheng Park has also set up two ticket-free channels for visitors with garden cards, senior cards and other types of ticket-free admission policies, the new ticket-checking mechanism is now in place. Smooth transition has been achieved.

Zhuozheng Garden and Lion Forest will take the lead in implementing the full-network real-name booking mechanism in the city, which will be conducive to better protect the Suzhou garden itself, but also to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, enhance the experience of the park and reasonable planning of tourism itineraries, and will also accumulate for the city in more tourist attractions ticketing mechanism reform. Experience. In the future, Suzhou gardens will continue to upgrade the scientific and intelligent service level of landscape tourism, so that more tourists feel the unique charm of Suzhou gardens.