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Humble Administrators Garden management office car

In May 29th, 5 people from Suzhou fourteenth to the discipline inspection and supervision group went to Humble Administrator's Garden to conduct a special inspection on "the action of wind clearing" during the "may day dragon boat festival" and carry out a work inspection on the implementation of the main responsibility. Comrade Yang Weixian, a member of the branch committee of the Humble Administrator's Garden branch and a branch secretary, made a special report to the inspection team.

The meeting focused on implementing the theme of "main responsibility" and "one job and two responsibilities" for building a clean and honest government. Fourteenth Comrade Lu Jianrong, the leader of the discipline inspection and supervision group, put forward that it is the first responsibility of the party secretaries, but not the responsibility of the party's secretaries; it is the main business of the party secretaries, but not the sideline of the other people. Party building is a major task of the team. Team members should deploy and study and inspect party building and business work. If there is nothing wrong with the work, we can ensure that the team is not in trouble. The meeting put forward that we should strengthen the study of the "Inner Party Supervision Regulations", and we should always keep an eye on one another, talk more and speak one's lips, and exert force forward. At the same time, we should further implement the responsibility of supervising education and ensure good deeds and no accidents.

Comrade Yang Weixian, the Secretary of the branch of the Humble Administrator's Garden, on behalf of all members of the Commission, said that, according to the provisions and requirements, the "principal responsibility" and "one duty" will be carried out well, the team will be carried out, the business is carried out, the business is done, the accountability mechanism is rigorously investigated, and the compliance law is investigated and investigated by the law, and the "responsibility inversion" is strengthened. To investigate the responsibility of the direct responsible person, to investigate the responsibility of the relevant leadership, to complete the task of building the party's clean and clean government and the anti-corruption work satisfactorily, and to make the discipline a "high voltage line".