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Eat in suzhou

China has Sue, shandong, guangdong, sichuan four styles, flavor each are not identical, said east acid, spicy west, south sweet, salty north, jiangsu dish belong to south sweet flavor. Su shi dishes is characteristic of the material is rigorous, made careful, because the carvers, irrespective of the four seasons, have the good at cooking for, like, steamed, burn, fry and pay attention to the soup, keep the original flavor light. Taste is sweet, harmonious color, cooked tree, vegetables are especially characteristics. The famous su shi vegetables: squirrel GuiYu, clear soup shark's fin, ring oil eel paste, watermelon chicken, chicken, the mother oil soup, stew in taihu lake jade shrimp measures, lotus highlights stew, etc. Suzhou is famous for its also the snacks, densely juice bean curd doing, pine nut sugar, rose melon seeds, shrimp-roe soy sauce, ZaoNi hemp loaves of bread, and lard salty cake, are popular, must try 。

*Suzhou famous brand

::Features diet ——Rape, watermelon chicken chicken heart     ::Suzhou sauce meat    ::JiuNiang bread    ::Fry meat group    ::Suzhou lard cake     ::Downtown tongli bread    ::Are instrument green dumplings    ::Oil Tun tight leaven    ::Fry blood waxy    ::Osmanthus Wu cooked lotus root    ::Osmanthus zito meat    ::Osmanthus sugar oil potato    ::Mr Focal plane    ::Maple town bedding face   

*Suzhou old

::Vacuuming ChunYang born   ::Cake HuangTianYuan group    ::PinYue makeup in guangxi    ::By appreciating the leaves and    ::Candy collects zhi lent    : :ChouBu dry Thai auspicious   ::Cakes rice fragrant village   ::JiangRou GaoJian lu

The typical suzhou cuisine :

BiLuo shrimp: NaTaiHu fresh water tender river shrimp, match suzhou "biluochun" specialty tea, clear from into. The average tea are sweet food, shrimp fresh and smooth, aftertaste making a person is boundless 。

The squirrel GuiYu: use have ShiBan said the taihu lake taihu lake GuiYu to fine DaoGong engraved designs and into. The Fried, drench juice will after audio, similar to a squirrel, the DaoGuangHuangDi YuBi given name, is the most famous food jiangnan top grade 。