In the peak season, the ticket price of Humble Administrator's garden decreased from 90 / person time to 80 yuan / person time, while in the off season, the ticket price remained unchanged at 70 yuan / person time
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The Pine Wind and Water
  1. The Pine Wind and Water

  • Attraction Name: The Pine Wind and Water Pavilion

  • Location: Central Garden

  • Construction Category: Court

Pines, bamboos and plums are the three symbols of winter. Pines do not wither away in winter and stay evergreen all through the year, often compared to people with noble morality by the ancients. The vigorous and unsophisticated figure of pines makes frequent appearances in paintings. It is one of the main tree species of the Chinese gardens. Pine Wind and Water Pavilion is also known as “the place for listening to the pine wind”. With the wind blowing over, the pine trees shake with whistling of the wind, becoming a landscape with a distinctive flavor.