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Humble Administrators Garden, one hundred Lane tra

The day before, the Humble Administrator's Garden hundred Lane tourism center basically completed the construction of the main construction visitor center building and auxiliary building, the project successfully passed the Suzhou municipal construction engineering quality supervision station organization of civil engineering subject acceptance, lay a solid foundation for the next step of construction and operation.

Bai Jia Xiang tourism center project implementation scope of Ping Jia Xiang Bai Jia Xiang to the north, West, a total investment of about 58 million yuan, planning a total construction area of 4932.41 square meters, 221 parking spaces (208 underground), is a multifunctional tourist tourist hub, financial integrated services, intelligent parking in a the distribution center. The tourist center after the completion of the full integration of existing resources to further enhance the scenic Humble Administrator's Garden comprehensive service level and capacity, but also has a positive role in promoting tourism to promote the integration of the development of Pingjiang historical and cultural blocks.