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Humble Administrators Garden management office vis

On the morning of August 10, Xue Zhijian, director of the Management Office of Zhuozheng Garden, and Yang Weixian, Secretary of the Party branch, visited the retired veteran cadres to express their high temperature condolences and send them cool and heatstroke-proof supplies. On a hot summer day, they sent in strong solicitude of self-organization. During the visit and consolation, the leaders of the management office carefully inquired about the physical and family conditions of the veteran cadres, understood the difficulties and needs of the veteran cadres, and advised them to pay attention to the prevention of heatstroke and cooling, take more rest and take good care of their health. In the hot summer, the heat was unbearable. The condolences of the management office brought a trace of refreshment and coolness to the retired cadres. The veteran cadres also expressed their deep gratitude.