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Humble Administrators Garden holds the "Xia Zhi Yu

In the morning of July 3rd, "Xia Zhi Yun" flower art flower arranging invitation exhibition is held in Humble Administrator's Garden as scheduled. The local flower artists from Shanghai, Wuxi and Suzhou gather in the garden, with the theme of "the lotus", and the art of flower arranging with the unique Oriental aesthetic taste.

Humble Administrator's Garden has a long history of lotus culture. Every summer, the lotus flower in the pond is very colorful, the fragrance of the lotus flower is very beautiful, the fragrance is far overflowing, the green cover, the sun and the sun are not afraid, the sludge is not dyed, the far fragrance hall, the lotus root Pavilion, the lotus wind four sides Pavilion and the pavilion are everywhere. It has become an important component of the culture of this classical garden hall. Part. The invitational exhibition, taking the "Lotus" as the creative material, takes the traditional containers as plates, bottles, bowls, and cylinders as "houses". In the hall of the classical gardens, a piece of exquisite workmanship with strong sense of lines is created, showing the extraordinary charm and the refined spirit of the flowers, and highlights the flowers, branches and leaves of the lotus. Natural beauty and graceful rhyme show the sense of interest of lotus culture in the living room of the hall for the public visitors.