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Su bonsai lecture lottery, come up to see

Suzhou Garden Museum within the city of Suzhou to recruit "Humble Administrator's Garden auditorium of Suzhou landscape culture" Tenth speaking audience! This is the year the last lecture, interested buddies quickly over here.


1, speaker:

Senior gardening engineer, famous Su pie expert Tan Qiuyi.

2, time and place:

November 12, 2016 9:45 am, Huqiu South Gate collection.

PS. you remember the place with the auditorium in Huqiu is different from the past, oh!

In addition, the need to buy their own admission tickets, suggest taking Garden card unified admission.

3, registration channels:

In the WeChat platform dialog box directly reply "bonsai + name + phone" to have access to the opportunity to participate in places.

PS. we pay attention to, oh, this is not to participate in the completion of the scan two-dimensional code to do the task, but directly in the WeChat platform!

Chinese bonsai is an excellent traditional art and garden art of the Han nationality.

Bonsai after several years of pruning

Is no longer simple as a display and the existence of

A more cultural and artistic atmosphere


The Soviet Union sent to the bonsai trees, quaint and rustic, old and more healthy

The vivid scene, blending, intriguing

Su sent bonsai to get rid of the traditional modeling techniques

Adopt the technique of "rough cut"

Its pruning is to maintain a beautiful shape, the principle of nature

Just cut off or removed part of the "stand out" shoot

Become the main features of the Su school bonsai

In the process of Pan bar, Su to natural bonsai

Avoid affectation

In addition, "top" natural bonsai of originality is su.


In November 12th, we are up with you!

Be There Or Be Square oh!