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The Mountain-In-View Tower
  1. The Mountain-In-View Tower

  • Attraction Name: The Mountain-In-View Tower

  • Location: Central Garden

  • Construction Category: Floor

The building has water on three sides and hills on both sides. The bottom is called “Lotus Fragrance Pavilion”. There are settees in the verandah along the water, on which one can rely to take a rest to have a close look at fish, view nearby lotus or sights in the distance unfolding like a beautiful picture. The second floor is the Mountain-In-View Tower. There is a famous saying by Tao Yuanming, “picking up chrysanthemum in Dongli and seeing South Hill leisurely”. The building is tall and roomy, providing an access to the beauty in the garden. In spring, the garden is full of lovely flowers everywhere; In summer, light breeze blows with bursts of lotus fragrance; In autumn, the reeds shake in the wind with bleak coldness; In winter, the house is warm and sunny, with pleasant snow-covered landscape. The Mountain-In-View Tower is high without danger, towering but stable, forming a balanced picture with surrounding scenery.