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Humble Administrators Gardens "hand in hand" Fan J

Today, in 2018, a series of activities of "non heritage into gardens", "Brahma pure land and Suqian Ya collection", were officially held in Suzhou classical garden Humble Administrator's Garden. It is understood that the series of activities is a "garden +" innovation, so that the "Suzhou garden" ground to become the "nonlegacy" and the bridge between the citizens, citizens and tourists can be more intuitively closer to the "remains", feel "no remains".

This event is mainly composed of the review of the series of "non - Legacy garden" activities, the performance exchanges between the two cultural and artistic masters, and the starting ceremony of the "2018 van gjing mountain cultural value year" in Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden station. Through the ingenious combination of the non - Legacy culture of the van Jing mountain, the activities further deepened the "non - Legacy garden" project and realized the protection and display of more pluralistic traditional techniques.

At the scene of the activities, the reporter saw that the sculptures of the carved paper, flute flute, Miao embroidery, Miao, Miao, Nuo opera mask, and other non remains of the Humble Administrator's Garden in Guizhou, together with the non remains of Suzhou's local intangible treasures such as Suzhou embroidery, the League fan, the guqin, Song Jin, the brick carvings, and so on, in the ancient Suzhou An art feast was put on in the gardening. Kuang Yongxin, deputy director of the Tongren Tourism Development Committee, told reporters that the van Jing mountain is a original ecological life landscape. In the van Jing mountain, he can enjoy the mysterious Nuo opera known as the drama "living fossil", the stunning Hmong's stunning skills, and the four side drums of the ancient and simple Miao, Tujia, Tujia, and Dong. Ethnic great songs and other ethnic cultural treasures.

It is reported that with the curtain of the "Sanskrit pure land, the Suqian Ya collection", the two cities of Suzhou and Tongren will continue to cooperate deeply in promoting the display, protection and inheritance of the traditional techniques, so as to make various cultures gather, collide and blend here, and create the cultural brand of the two scenic spots of Humble Administrator's Garden and the Brahma mountain. It has also become a platform for displaying and spreading Chinese traditional culture.