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Here a hundred years of beauty......

The early morning of the Humble Administrator's Garden is a picture of a mountain

The morning birds, mist, not in a continuous line of tourists

The body in which both quiet and elegant, like fairyland

Here, of course, is what we know of the Suzhou Garden - Humble Administrator's Garden

Suzhou three thousand, SHOW Suzhou GUI

Come from all over the country 50 beautiful women

Stunning all Suzhou

A dress, a kind of attitude

A cup of tea, a kind of calm

An embroidered fan, a generous

With the talent and elegant string Suzhou ancient

With wine and tea poems chanting Suzhou city spirit

This is a hundred years of beauty

A Kunqu Opera, a review

The girl removed the label of the modern society.

Dressed in a dress, hand holding incense fan

In the pavilion in Humble Administrator's Garden Suibu roundabout

Silent whispers, quqiao distance, holding oil umbrella

That scene scenery, as if the clock back, like a dream

Lady in antique environment

The taste of Su style breakfast, enjoy Suzhou Pingtan

(a small PS. could not bear to own love "elite" shows a few)

Thanks to the world, the subject, an earthly paradise ride to a East ear photos