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The Humble Administrators Garden management office

According to the Municipal Organization Department and the bureau Party committee to seriously carry out the school speech, to the beginning of the heart the spirit of the theme of the party day activities, in March 22nd, the Humble Administrator's Garden management office party branch organization serving all members to carry out learning speech, Wu Heart Mini lectures in the Garden Garden Museum Library, and further enhance the "learning" a new branch of kinetic energy. A round of upsurge of learning party branch.

This event is the first thematic lectures Humble Administrator's Garden Party branch election after Yang Weixian first secretary to take the lead in speaking lectures, with the spirit of the party's nineteen as the main content of the work around the center unit and functional characteristics, combined with the Humble Administrator's Garden volunteer service post, Party demonstration area, the area of responsibility of Party member of Party members and identify the entry point window. Park and combination. At the same time, we should pay attention to the form innovation. All the functional party members' representatives are learning and communicating around their jobs. This highlights the characteristics of the party construction, which has rich educational significance and remarkable effect. Then, we will review the vows of the party to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the party members in serving tourists, approaching tourists, and innovating the development of the party.

In the summary of the meeting, Secretary Yang Weixian pointed out that we should focus on the requirement of building a brand with one branch and one feature, and give full play to the exemplary role of every member in the work and strengthen the details management. Each party will become the "five inspections officer", namely: the virescence maintenance administrator, civilized travel advocate member, production safety supervisor, tourism service guide and garden culture advocates. In the future, the Humble Administrator's Garden management department will continue to carry out the work of Party members' learning and volunteer service to further spread the brand of the party building of the garden.