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Stroll in suzhou

Suzhou history there old way ——Pingjiang Pingjiang

Located in suzhou ancient east road there China, inspite of south on ganjiang east road, and the north east and northeast connect the white tower street, the length of 1606 meters, the ancient name and do ten in the spring. In most of the ancient city of suzhou map the song dynasty ", there a picture of the road, there in the street, which was east half city suzhou main roads, for 800 years, there is still on its way preserved its river road parallel pattern, skin texture and length, Bridges, mortar walls and black, the mass of the house, the street width and river, appropriate percentage, show presents the quietly elegant style. There is suzhou road today most shuicheng feature of the a site of the ancient blocks, and the key of a drift apart, but the quiet of of primitive simplicity life breath and the noise of a popular are two world 。


The ancient city of commercial pedestrian street——Guanqian

“Sansei flowers and dream of Suzhou”,Suzhou jiangnan flourishing place is since ancient times ,"The land of fish and rice", "silk fu" reputation as a city center is located in suzhou before view, covers an area of 0.52 square kilometers, area business prosperity, boutique gathers, numerous historical, in suzhou "east west garden, the ancient city of center, one main body in the situation of the modern urban construction is the center of the irreplaceable role


Process cuisine street ——"Perfect" street

       "Perfect" east street Feng door QiaoTu amway up, west to renmin street three yuan fang mouth, the length of 1800 m after one thousand, and vicissitudes of life, still retains "water and land parallel, river street adjacent, two way a river" of the traditional pattern and water emotional appeal. Here is engraved with ancient history traces and long period of mark: WangShiYuan is located around, surging wave pavilion and places of historic interest and former celebrity. In this street are also many foreign tourist hotel and leisure star tea bar and characteristic craft shops, set silk embroidery, antique calligraphy and painting, four treasures of the study, folk art, snacks in one body. Visitors to the garden, listen to pingtan, see GuWu this rhyme, deeply understand the neighborhood of the first quarter to reform its marvelous. Now, "perfect" has become the gusu city street leading recreational cultural street


Features gourmet street ——Phoenix street  

     Phoenix street in the north of ganjiang road crosses the suzhou things, south meets with hotel, teahouse, process for special features of the "perfect" street, less than kilometers long. Along with the neighborhood modification, from north to south opened in nearly twenty home size wine shop. These restaurants scale is not large, are a few dozen table to table, su shi dishes is given priority to, zhejiang, sichuan cuisine accepts the characteristics, especially pay attention to the home cooking dishes and making feature, roll out diners to deja vu, feeling kind, but small, DaoGong container meticulous, taste fresh, the worse than home cooking YouSheng ShiXian dishes, is pushing new most wine shop and Chen focused on phoenix street citizens around the square. At night, the lights in the restaurant with strewn at random discretion, quiet the citizens of leisure square into sharp contrast. Public square is JiuHanErRe later, walking the good place of gossip. The environment is a few other food street article do not have