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Humble Administrators Garden city tour guide demon

In late October, Humble Administrator's Garden carried out the city gold medal tour guide demonstration training work, invited the city gold medal tour guide Gu Fengjuan teacher for Humble Administrator's Garden explanation group personnel on the spot to explain. On the building around the garden art space, illustrates how to reflect the "Chinese painting scenery of Humble Administrator's Garden, to create an atmosphere of garden poetry", Gu teacher with instructors who opened a new appreciation of the beauty of the garden and found interesting strange, wonderful ingenuity understand cultural tour in already familiar scenery, Gu teacher word to explain the integration of landscape painting is wonderful, for having heard it many times the ancient poems, commentator to improve on the level of profound inspiration.

Ms. Gu in the demonstration to explain the process, not only to remind instructors have what additional types of knowledge, but also corrects for many common mistakes and wrong cognition garden publicity, in order to avoid the commentator to mislead the tourists to commit such a mistake. Although the whole time to explain up to two hours, but Gu teacher explain the vivid content, rigorous, penetrating into the lane is an ingenious combination of every phrase a gem, garden knowledge and high quality demonstration skills to explain. Through this training, instructors are on the level has been improved to some extent, will continue to show their skills in the process of interpretation services in the future of tourists, the cultural treasures of Zhuozheng garden of the classical gardens speak, speak out wonderful characteristics.