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Humble Administrators Garden management office to

To cooperate with the municipal government on the tourism environment surrounding Humble Administrator's Garden remediation work, according to the scenic spots' site, print limited effective 'requirements, the Humble Administrator's Garden management in August 15, 2016 since the implementation of ticket system upgrade project, after nearly 3 months of hard work, upgrading construction works have been completed. Ticket system upgrade, mainly contains the following four aspects of the content:

A ticket is the replacement of the computer, printer, ID card reader, barcode reader ticket system using the facilities, the redesign of the ticket style, to show visitors the part of identity information, ticket valid time and admission ticket, tickets and tickets to the print sold out within four hours after the effective mechanism of implement.

Two is the holidays can open three ticket channel, effectively alleviate the pressure on admission. Humble Administrator's Garden scenic area traffic during the holidays are the peak ticket pressure, original 4 channel caused by tourists queuing a long time. We upgrade the original gate and the new purchase part of the gate at the south gate region to achieve holidays open 7 ticket channel, effectively speed up the attendance rate, improve tourist satisfaction.

The three is to add validation for ticket, special verification specification documents. Humble Administrator's Garden South Square at the site to verify the implementation of verification for all kinds of documents free of charge, do the documents collection, recording, preservation of evidence, through on-site inspection of tourists, can free admission. Through the standard verification of the ticket exchange to reduce disputes, to avoid unnecessary complaints, effectively maintaining the order of admission.

Four is the new automatic ticketing machines, and gradually explore new ways to explore the new scenic spots. Change at the box office and verified in the east new ticket vending machine two, can use WeChat and Alipay and other non cash payment, the convenience of tourists booking, gradually explore a new way for the scenic scenic intelligent ticketing, the future implementation of internet ticket experience.

The ticket system upgrade project to further purify the environment surrounding the Humble Administrator's Garden tourism, protection of the rights of tourists, enhance the Humble Administrator's Garden as a world cultural heritage, national civilized unit and national 5A scenic good image.