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Su school bonsai debut Chengdu Wuhou Temple

In order to meet the mid autumn day, the "double" by the city of Suzhou Huqiu Mountain Scenic Area Management Office, the Lingering Garden management office, the Humble Administrator's Garden management office and Wuhou Temple Museum in Chengdu cooperation "Wu Fengshu Linquan rhyme Su Paichuan landscape bonsai boutique exhibition in Chengdu in September 14th in Wuhou Temple Museum opening temple. Su Chuan, bonsai bonsai bonsai Chinese are one of five schools, the creation of art belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage, especially the Suzhou bonsai is in the foundation of traditional Chinese classical garden art essence, combined with the Chinese landscape painting, some techniques of painting, have great originality to create, reflect the "silent poetry, three-dimensional drawing, sculpture of life". The "Su Paichuan bonsai boutique exhibition brings together two boutique bonsai garden more than 90 pieces of works, including water bonsai and bonsai tree stump, miniature bonsai and other types of pieces. The bonsai exhibition, will further promote the Chinese bonsai culture, will also strengthen exchanges to promote the development of bonsai, bonsai, improve local people's level of art appreciation and participation enthusiasm.