In the peak season, the ticket price of Humble Administrator's garden decreased from 90 / person time to 80 yuan / person time, while in the off season, the ticket price remained unchanged at 70 yuan / person time
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The Magnolia Hall
  1. The Magnolia Hall

  • Attraction Name: The Magnolia Hall

  • Location: Central Garden

  • Construction Category: Hall

  • It is an independent closed quiet courtyard with spacious hall and small and exquisite yard. The high south wall is like a piece of drawing paper with cane painted on it. Pelargonium hortorum and bamboos planted in the flower beds built at the base of the wall, together with lakeside rocks, magnolia and sweet-scented osmanthus, are fragrant and pleasant. Magnolia Hall used to be named “Pen Blossom Hall”, the same with that of the former residence of Wen Zhengming. “Dreaming that his pen ‘grew blossoms’ ” is a quest of ancient literati to inspirations. It is really a great enjoyment of life to read and paint here.