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For the further preparation of the twenty-third Humble Administrator's Garden Lotus Festival, the Humble Administrator's Garden administration has recently held a special meeting to report the plan and preparation of the flower festival to the Bureau. Hua Yiming, deputy director of the Bureau of landscaping and greening, and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting. Xue Zhijian, director of the Humble Administrator's Garden administration, introduced the overall conception of this Lotus Festival. Deputy director Cheng Hongfu and deputy director Xia Wenting reported the theme of the Lotus Festival, the layout design of the flower spots, the special activities, the safety and the publicity and so on. After hearing the report, the deputy director of Hua Yiming expressed the affirmation of the Lotus Festival program, hoping that the management of the project should be further improved in the process of implementing the program. At the same time, the new products of lotus and lotus were introduced, so as to highlight the professional level and industry influence of the lotus cultivation in Humble Administrator's Garden.