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Humble Administrators Garden is actively dealing w

According to the notice of the Bureau Security Department, the Humble Administrator's Garden management department is conscientiously carrying out the freezing rain and snow weather. The management department has focused on the following aspects of the work, one is to hold the meeting in time to convey the notification requirements. The management department deployed the work according to the extreme weather work plan, and divided the whole park into five large areas. The responsibility was put into every department to ensure that there was no dead corner and no blind area. The two is the whole park inspections to eliminate hidden dangers and focus on the park construction, temporary sheds, rockery and other hazardous location again Mopai, reinforcement, three emergency supplies ready to work. Ready to shovel, broom and snow removal tool 50, increased more than 300 bales, anti-skid pads, increase safety tips in 20 key points. The four is to urge the property staff to do related work personnel, material preparation, and ensure timely road sweeping snow in slippery area additional straw bag, pad, when necessary to increase security fence, take measures to temporarily close. Five, we should do a good job in propaganda work, remind staff to pay attention to safety in work and go to work, increase safety prompts in public electronic advertisements, increase the playtime of public service advertisements, increase the safety of rain and snow in the whole garden and remind the broadcasting frequency. At the same time, we should strengthen the duty on duty at night to ensure the smooth communication of 24 hours, and find the situation in time.